Thanks for your interest in classes at Crown English!  We offer instruction for any age and level…  kids classes, adult classes, senior classes, group lessons, man-to-man lessons, business English, TOEIC & EIKEN prep, customized classes, etc.

クラウンイングリッシュのサイトをご覧いただき、ありがとうございます。子供から大人の方まで、グループまたはマンツーマンレッスン、ビジネスイングリッシュ、TOEIC & EIKEN 対策レッスン、その他、ご自身のレベルに合わせた様々なレッスンをお選び頂けます。

Crown English teacher & students Shin-Nagata, Kobe

Students’ English needs are about as diverse as students themselves.  Some people study to brush up before traveling overseas.  Others want to strengthen their English for use in the workplace.  Still others enjoy English and cultural exchange as a hobby or to keep their minds sharp.  There is no wrong reason to take English classes.  Once you’ve decided to start, you must consider what type of class you’d like.  There are groups and private classes.  Each has its individual advantages.  Please check out our English classes below.


Kids Classes          

Crown English kids classes, KobeWant your child to have a head start with English?  Our kids’ classes have between 2 and 8 students per 45-minute class.  Small classes insure more individual attention.  We use age-appropriate songs, flashcards, physical activity, games and more to make learning fun.  Some classes may use textbooks and/or workbooks as well.  The cost is just 1,750yen per class.  That’s only 7,000yen a month.


あなたのお子様が、英語で有利にスタートをCrown English kids classes, Kobe切る為に必要なものとは?本キッズクラスでは、28名の生徒で45分クラスを行います。少人数制なので、より多くの個別の対応時間を確保できます。歌やフラッシュカード、身体を動かしたり、ゲームを取り入れたりしながら学習を楽しく面白いものにしています。費用は、1クラスあたり1,750円。1カ月当たり7,000円です。

Adult – Group Classes          

(2-5 students)大人数クラス(25 

Benefits: 利点

·        Most economical 最も経済的な

·        Variety of opinions 様々な意見

·        Have discussions with 2 to 5 other points of view

·        Interesting & fun!  楽しいクラス

Cost: 費用

2,500yen per 90-min class


 *Prices are per student,4 classes per month



Adult – Private Classes


Benefits: 利点

·        Most speaking time   話す時間がもっとも長く取れる

·        Ping-pong conversation with a native speaker

·        Customizable classes カスタマイズ可能なレッスン内容

·        Fastest progress  最速での上達への近道


Cost: 費用:

6,000yen per 60-min class


Crown English - English classes in Kobe



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