At Crown English we like to have a little fun with our students (and sometimes their friends).  We have events throughout the year, which may include parties, concerts, crafts, movies, games, etc.

Here you’ll find  some pictures and/or videos from our past events.





Christmas Party 2014

Crown English Christmas MessageCrown English XMas Party food

Ladies message



July 2014 – Classical Concert          

Four students joined me (Dan) Crown event - July 2014to enjoy Requiem op. 89 by Antonin Dvorak.  This concert was performed by the Kansai Philharmonic Symphony and was conducted by Masahiko Kamei, who I had the pleasure of meeting in spring.

Group pic. Crown July Event


Golden Week 2014 – Infiorata              



Christmas Cheer 2013              


XMas13 cake and santa

XMas13 collage




Halloween 2013              


DaveHalloween pics - indHalloween pics - group M26Sax2

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